FireBoy and WaterGirl: The Forest Temple (also called FireBoy and WaterGirl 1 or FireBoy and WaterGirl Forest, is the first game of the five-game FireBoy and WaterGirl series. The game was created by Oslo Albert.

*The game is a coming of age story, or bildungsroman, about two young children, a boy and a girl, that are trapped in a temple that is forest-themed. The main antagonist is a witch who turns the children into fire and water respectively, and fills the temple with bear traps. The children must venture forward in hopes of finding their cousin who has been kidnapped and eventually escaping.

The story follows the main characters as they try to survive the dangers of the temple in resident evil style survival horror, and the player can get one of three endings. In the good ending, Fireboy and Watergirl fall in love and escape the temple by blowing the door open with semtex. In the bad ending, Fireboy eats Watergirl after they run out of food, and slowly goes insane, haunted by what he has done.

As mentioned in the comments, there is also a secret ending. If the player saves the witch instead of killing her, and finishes every level with no gems in over five minutes each, the Azerbaji Amulet of Power will be unlocked. Using it, the player can climb through the painting on level five to access the infamous Buster Ghost cutscene. In the Buster Ghost cutscene, it is revealed that the cousin who was kidnapped went insane and died in the temple. The player can recruit Buster Ghost to the party for New Game Plus. With Buster Ghost, not only can a third person play uning the tfgh keys, they can access his ghost abilities with the number buttons. In the secret Buster Ghost ending, Buster Ghost goes into a rage and kills the witch, the temple implodes on itself, and while our characters float in the void for eternity, he reveals that he had been molested by the which.

The screen then lights up and you hear the voice of the witch's sister, who is the antagonist in the next game. :D

nae nae*

  • It is unknown if the story is follows, as the game is vague on portrayal
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